Luxure Global Citizen is merely a middle party that source luxury goods to our members. We do not at any material time purport ourselves to be an authorised retailer of any brands. However, we have partnership agreements and contractual agreements in place with certain brands and their suppliers. For further information, please email enquiries@luxureglobalcitizen.world.

We pride ourselves on being a lead cash reward membership programme and as a result we do not hold or own any subsidiary companies nor do we trade under any other companies’ name or logos. Therefore, if you receive any emails or promotions from another company containing misleading information or encouraging you as a reader/member into believing that we are affiliated or linked to that company, please contact us with the relevant information to legal@luxureglobalcitizen.world in order for us to take legal actions.

We officially own the trademark for our logo ‘Luxure Global Citizen’, therefore, if you encounter any other companies using our logo then please contact us at the email address set out above.